We are Oxford’s finest student-run investment fund.


We are a team of passionate individuals at Oxford University producing best-in-class research that yields superior risk adjusted returns through fundamental equity research.


Best in Class Research

We deliver alpha for our virtual fund by producing thoughtful, rigorous fundamental research. Every term, we pitch our best ideas to industry veterans for critique.

Our work can be accessed here.


Mentorship and Development

We attract and develop some of Oxford’s keenest young investors. Analysts join us either through our boot-camps or via our recruiting process at the start of each term. In addition to pursuing a rigorous course of directed self-study, our team members also benefit from training and interacting with our various research partners.

Our analysts and portfolio managers hail from a wide array of disciplines and colleges.


A Unique Platform

We conduct termly stock pitches to a panel consisting of senior directors and portfolio managers from leading banks and hedge funds. In addition, our members receive professional training from industry experts, thus allowing them to ground their work with practical feedback and critique.



Find out about our history, our organisation and our mission.

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