The Oxford Alpha Fund is a firm believer in value of diversity of thought. We have always sought out people who see the world in interesting and different ways. Markets lose their efficiency when participants' collective behaviours produce systematic error; when markets lose their diversity of thought and independence, participants process information with the same biases, methods and emotions. We have always and will continue to seek out the best investors across Oxford's diverse student body.

However, we recognise that a lack of diversity, particularly concerning gender, race, disability, and sexual orientation in the financial sector is a problem that requires active engagement to solve. Towards that end, we have worked with firms in the industry to provide recruitment access to the fund's talent for diversity related events, and have engaged industry professionals who are keen on promoting the industry to under-represented groups.

We are also a platform connecting Oxford's talent and firms in the industry. We hope to develop Oxford's budding investment talent, and also recognise that investment is a field that many are not exposed to prior to entering university. We thus allocate a certain proportion of slots in our bootcamps for members of our partner societies:  societies aimed at promoting and celebrating diversity, as well as empowering less represented groups. We hope to serve as an effective conduit of talent into the financial services and be a part of the movement towards promoting diversity within it.

Student partners