Testimonials for the oxford alpha fund

“I thought the pitches were of a very high quality. Well-constructed, well-argued and directionally I agree with your overall conclusions.”
— Martin Taylor, Founder of Crake Asset Management and Nevsky Capital
“I have visited many universities to listen to pitches over the years … this was the best one by far.”
—   Analyst at Fidelity International
“I read the report on Altice and showed it to my colleague who covers Altice. He said the report has many good ideas and he’s very impressed (so am I). Massive well done and congrats, very impressed!”
— Analyst at a Bulge Bracket Equity Research Division
“The Bootcamp has been one of the highlights of my first year ... I had very little experience into the programme, but this didn’t hold me back. The only prerequisites were keenness and a desire to apply what you’ve learnt to new problems.”
— Karthik Puravankara, Analyst and Bootcamp Graduate
“Worked to analyse margin and value chain trends in upstream solar PV manufacturing. Most interesting work I’ve ever done at 2 in the morning.”
— Adrian Penz, Analyst
“During the Bootcamp, I gained an invaluable understanding of valuation techniques and managed to build my own model from scratch too. My learning experience was highly enriching and equipped me with the requisite technical skills in finance.”
— Lisa Sitoh, Analyst and Bootcamp Graduate
“The fund has given me a chance to sharpen my technical and leadership skills, and connect with other students who are keen on finance and investing. There’s no other group or society which can provide me experiences like this.”
— Kenny Jeong, Portfolio Manager
“I would not have received my offers if not for the work I did with the fund. I learnt everything from how to break down industry value chains while assessing moats and key drivers to working out firms’ unit economics, which paralleled assessments in recruiting season. Learning to think like an investor from some of Oxford’s best – that’s an opportunity I’ll always be grateful for.”
— Michael Leong, Portfolio Manager and former Analyst