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Talent Access

Oxford Alpha Fund has an unparalleled commitment to recruiting and developing Oxford’s keenest investors. Our analysts and portfolio managers have an explicit focus and drive to work within the financial services industry.

We recognise that buy-side recruiters often face a problem of students having a lack of knowledge when considering working in investment management as opposed to investment banking.

We are able to provide direct access to the best students looking to work specifically in buy-side financial services. Unlike larger student societies, our analysts and portfolio managers spend the bulk of their time refining their investing abilities. Team members often hope to work within specific sub-industries – allowing you to reach out to them directly.


Your firm’s name and logo could be shown on our website, social media platforms and publications and mentioned in our events.


We aim to host around 15 events annually, such as speaker sessions, recruiting events, fireside chats, and pitch days, where the fund showcases their work to leaders in industry. We would be glad to host events in conjunction with our partners.

Work with Us

If we have not already reached out to you, please contact us for our sponsorship deck. You can also subscribe to our research here.