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Why Join Us?

Oxford Alpha Fund offers you unparalleled opportunity to engage in challenging yet rewarding work regardless of your entry point. Through the process of thoroughly understanding an industry and covering a diverse range of companies, you will be constantly going above and beyond industry-level research and challenging the views of investors from around the world. In addition, the deliverables consisting of industry reports and live pitches will massively develop your presentation and communication skills. Find out more about our past research here.

What truly makes Oxford Alpha Fund unique is its people. As a member of the fund, you will also be exposed to amazing talent from truly diverse backgrounds. However, whether it be a first-year Historian or an MBA with years of industry experience, all the members in the fund are all passionate about investing and committed to producing research of the highest quality. In addition, we at Oxford Alpha Fund have had the utmost pleasure of working with many leading investors and finance professionals, both as long-term mentors and as pitch panelists. Their advice and guidance have inspired each and every one of us at the fund. Find out more about our people [here].


Bootcamp Trainee

Our inaugural bootcamp was held in Michaelmas 2018. 30 highly interested and committed candidates were given a six-week long crash course in foundational modelling and financial analysis by experienced portfolio managers within the fund, in conjunction with our research partners. This culminated in a team case competition. 15 of the initial 30 bootcamp participants graduated into analyst positions within the fund.

Applications for the bootcamp will reopen in Michaelmas 2019.

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What we can do for you

Talent Access

Oxford Alpha Fund has an unparalleled commitment to recruiting and developing Oxford’s keenest investors. Our analysts and portfolio managers have an explicit focus and drive to work within buy-side financial services.

We recognise that buy-side recruiters often face a problem of  students having a lack of knowledge when considering working in investment management as opposed to investment banking.

We are able to provide direct access to the best students looking to work specifically in buy-side financial services. Unlike larger student societies, our analysts and portfolio managers spend the bulk of their time refining their investing abilities. Team members often hope to work within specific subindustries – allowing you to reach out to them directly.



Your firm’s name and logo could be shown on our website, social media platforms and publications and mentioned in our events.



We aim to host around 15 events annually, such as speaker sessions, recruiting events, fireside chats, and pitch days, where the fund showcases their work to leaders in industry. We would be glad to host events in conjunction with our partners.

You can download our sponsorship deck here.


Analysts will work with portfolio managers to meet weekly and build investment pitches. We are looking for analysts with internship or finance experience who are interested to participate and join the fund to contribute to team-based pitches. Intensive commitment and some modelling or pitching experience is required for this role.

Portfolio Manager

Portfolio managers will lead a team of analysts and guide them to build an industry-wide long-short pitch over the course of 4-5 weeks. We are looking for highly experienced portfolio managers with relevant internship and finance experience as well as an investor’s mindset. This role requires more in-depth modelling and pitching experience.